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About OceanSky Group

Leading the way in sustainability

As the core driving value within OceanSky, we are committed to all three aspects of sustainability: environmental, cultural and economic. Dive deeper into our point of view.

Investing in the future of air transport

OceanSky is a tightknit group of aviation and sustainability passionates working hard to recreate the the aviation narrative. We have successfully built a strong business case and are always open to bring in investment from those who share our values.

Ready for your first adventure?

Floating above the most diverse and remote landscapes of the Earth where most people have longed for but have never reached; this is OceanSky’s cruises unique offer. Explore our expeditions with a focus on conscious travel without compromise on comfort and service. We hope to see you on board with us soon.

Get closer to Nordic nature with a tailored experience

We offer our travellers bespoke experiences, a chance to plan their own adventure, to land almost anywhere and to reach the unreachable. This is a truly unique way of exploring the Nordic Arctic wilderness.

Our Board of Directors

The OceanSky Group Board of Directors is led by top thought leaders in aviation leadership from the multifaceted focuses within the industry to give a 360 viewpoint base for advising in company process and strategy.

Cheddi Liljeström

Chairman of the board
Ranked as one of the world’s leading aviation lawyers, with experience from SAS and board positions in listed and non-listed companies. Cheddi has a law degree from Uppsala University and New York University School of Law. He is a member of the Swedish Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association. Cheddi has been a Company Lawyer at SAS and a partner at firms including Advokatfirman Delphi. Cheddi assists both smaller companies and international corporate groups, with special expertise in aircraft financing including purchase contracts and all sorts of leasing (dry, wet, financing and tax based).

Hans Golteus

Board Member
Hans is now a business consultant and board member of HGL Consulting, Whispr and BBW Mediagroup. Hans was President of Ericsson Do Brazil and later moved on to become vice President of Ericsson. After that he went into leisure cruising operations as President for Kloster Cruise Ltd and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL.com) over a period of 11 years. NCL’s yearly turnover is currently 4,9 billion dollars and operates 15 cruise ships with individual capacities between 2,000-4,000 passengers. Hans has also been CEO of the Private Equity company Siem Capital the last six years. He attended the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and holds a degree in Master of Science of Electronic Engineering.

Matts Lundin

Board Member & Founder
Senior consultant, shipbuilder and Ph.D. in unit load handling and transport systems. Expertise in development and implementation of models for regional, national and international strategic analysis and planning of multimodal and multiproduct freight transportation.

Carl-Franz Lawaczeck

Deputy director & Founder
Project management for Dash-8 Q400, CRJ-200 and BAe ATP aircraft conversion into dedicated cargo aircraft with full E-compartment approval. Responsible for obtaining financial resources and market director. Retired vice president and head of sales and marketing in West Air Europe, one of Europe’s leading airlines solely dedicated for cargo operations. Carl-Franz, as head of sales and marketing, built up the airline together with a small management team, from 2 aircrafts, to a fleet of more than 40 modern aircrafts including jet and turboprop operations. President of Translux, in Luxembourg, operating a DC-8 worldwide for cargo operations. Financial management role in one of the world’s first low cost airlines - passenger airline Time Air Sweden.

Ulf Svensson

Deputy director & Founder
Traffic, transport and environmental analyst working for both research and governmental bodies since 1977 in Sweden. Educated economist and a researcher in architecture during 5 years with focus on land use management and planning issues. Ulf has also been working in Central America for The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency; SIDA, with rural development challenges. Recently consulted the Swedish Energy Agency and Swedish Traffic Administration together with Dr. Matts Lundin and as a consultant for emerging businesses in building and construction industry.

Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck

CEO & Founder
Airline pilot in different cargo airlines, corporate aviation pilot (private jet in the ultra large segment) and passenger airline SAS. Owner and founder of NOVICO, employing pilots for different missions in the aviation business. Project management in a Dash 8 Q400 rebuilt into full E-class cargo aircraft. Responsible for engineering solutions in regards to operational suitability and financial viability. University exam from Gothenburg University’s economy program with focus on transportation and logistics.