Our vision


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Passenger transport

In an increasingly globalised and digital world, the value of meeting friends, family, colleagues and confronting new cultures face-to-face is more important than ever. OceanSky Aviation will be there to provide a cleaner aviation alternative for reaching those destinations. Airships will not compete with the speed that aeroplanes provide, but we exchange this for comfort throughout the journey at a competitive price point.

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Space and comfort

Travelling with OceanSky airships will be where the journey becomes part of the destination. No more cramped airline seats with antsy children or the inability to seek a calm personal space. During our flights, passengers will be able to stretch out, walk around and enjoy panoramic views. Comfortable dining areas and lounge space will be available and on our longer journeys passengers will be able to take advantage of private sleeping quarters.

    Better routes

    Airships are not reliant on airports, but instead, have the ability to dock in open environments which will create a more seamless travel experience for passengers who no longer need to account for commuting to airports. Service will likely start within Europe with special attention to destinations that are not well connected with alternative sustainable means of transport. From there, our ambition is to grow into intercontinental routes as the airships themselves become larger, using green airship meadows as departure areas instead of airports and tarmacs.

      Atlant en route

      More areas of interest

      Experiential travel

      Connecting travellers to far off lands, revitalising forgotten cultures, highlighting local cuisines and providing once in a lifetime experiences.

      Cargo and Special Missions

      Servicing remote industry and goods transport missions while reducing the requirements of further environmental damage by cutting out significant infrastructure needs. 


      Designing elegant and functional airship interiors and components that meet industry mechanical, safety and engineering requirements.