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Cargo & Special Missions - OceanSky Group

Our vision


for investors

Cargo ships in the sky

Moving goods around the world is notoriously infrastructure-heavy and those places lacking land or sea infrastructure can easily be shut out or looked over. As we grow our fleet of airships, we will be able to start operating cargo routes to places that have goods to send or are in need of supplies and services themselves. With limited requirements for docking or landing, OceanSky Cargo has the opportunity to open up industries, economies or provide help and assistance to remote or cut-off regions.

Heavy machinery in a remote region

Airship cargo offering

With reduced needs for infrastructure, airships will be able to provide quick solutions for:

  • Remote operations that lack pre-existing infrastructure, both setting up and supplying these operations
  • Moving perishable goods
  • Providing relief in disaster-stricken areas
  • Remote community development and linking these communities to the larger trade economy
  • Moving large machinery

Humanitarian assistance

In addition to commercial operations, our ships and pilots will be available to assist in humanitarian relief efforts through sending goods, food, and medical supplies to areas in crisis, even flooded areas that have been cut off. Our ships will have the ability to be equipped with medical facilities as well as transport professionals and volunteers to regions in need.

Man receives box of food aide

More areas of interest

Experiential travel

Connecting travellers to far off lands, revitalising forgotten cultures, highlighting local cuisines and providing once in a lifetime experiences.

Passenger Transport

Providing a more sustainable, spacious and enjoyable transport experience to replace short- and medium-haul flights for the conscious traveler.


Designing elegant and functional airship interiors and components that meet industry mechanical, safety and engineering requirements.