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Pioneering the future of sustainable travel 

OceanSky was founded in 2014 after many years of research and investigation in the lighter-than-air sector. After years of development, experiential travel became the first business area to prove the commercial viability of airships and catalyse the rebirth of airships in commercial aviation to usher in an era of sustainable travel and transport in the air. Unique experiential travel is given a revolutionary new meaning by providing a sustainable way to access remote locations in style and comfort.

Our goal is to continually evolve and develop best-in-class travel experiences for our clients while also giving rise to a renewed popularity of airships. At OceanSky Cruises, we will never stop innovating and pushing the aviation industry into a new sustainable future. Through a steadily growing team of leading and passionate industry experts in engineering, design, operations, luxury travel, and sustainability, we are excited to provide best-in-class experiences for our patrons.

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Unique destination travel

To travel without boundaries sounds like a bold statement, but airships allow us to go above and beyond to create the most inventive and unique expeditions that otherwise become less possible or accessible by traditional ground and air transport. We have the opportunity to provide our guests access to remote locations and communities, exploring new frontiers in the most authentic manner.

We are continuously reviewing and researching destinations and experiences that can lead to the most positive impact in line with the cultural, environmental, and economic pillars of sustainability.

Quality through collaboration

Either on board or on land, OceanSky Cruises is focused on our clients’ experience and comfort. We are a highly collaborative organisation that is thinking about and curating how our expeditions are experienced from the moment one steps on our aircraft until one steps off.

We provide a quality and luxury experience through all of our collaborations and partnerships ranging from the products available on board to the ground activities while always thinking about our impact. We choose to work with companies and individuals that share our values around luxury and environmental and social sustainability to ensure the best experience for our guests.

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More areas of interest

Passenger Transport

Providing a more sustainable, spacious and enjoyable transport experience to replace short- and medium-haul flights for the conscious traveler.

Cargo and Special Missions

Servicing remote industry and goods transport missions while reducing the requirements of further environmental damage by cutting out significant infrastructure needs. 


Designing elegant and functional airship interiors and components that meet industry mechanical, safety and engineering requirements.