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Aviation has reached a reckoning point currently burning through hundreds of billions of gallons of fuel and releasing in excess of 1 billion tonnes of CO2 per year and increasing. Fuel efficiency and alternatives have been largely in focus, but we see an alternative future that leverages lighter-than-air technology to move goods and people around the world at a tiny fraction of the energy needed to power jet aircraft. By switching to airships, we are also opening up remote communities to partake in the economy and share their culture, requiring minimal infrastructure to land or mast our vehicles. Our mission is to lighten the skies with airships, opening the world to a greener future.

Investing in a lighter future

OceanSky is currently operating with a close knit group of experts in aviation, tourism, sales and marketing personally invested in bringing this future to life. We have built a successful business model with OceanSky Cruises and are continuing to grow towards our goal of flying commercially in a few years. We are expanding our shareholder base from those who share our values and vision for a decarbonised aeronautical future.

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Private or family office investment

Do you feel aligned with our vision and values and are curious about how to start a relationship with us? Let’s set up a meeting to get to know each other.

Institutional investment

We are currently not seeking institutional investment, but this may change as we progress. Please reach out with any questions you may have.