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Aviation has reached a reckoning point currently releasing more than 1 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. It’s clear that the time has come for new, clean technology. Investment opportunities in climate-tech are on the rise, but few offer a complete transformation of an industry that is alone responsible for 2-3% of global emissions.

Transportation investments are the current heroes of climate-tech pulling in indexed gains of more than 25%*. However, this trend is heavily focused on electrifying current technologies which have limited application- especially in aviation. OceanSky Cruises is poised to enter the market with an industry-transforming product that currently has no true alternative clean solution. Investing in OceanSky Group means we can reach our climate goals while disrupting a global industry run on fossil fuels. 

*Information gathered from BloombergNEF report

Investing in a lighter future

OceanSky Group is positioned to be a first mover as an airline of airships:

  • We have a proven a high-margin business case with airships, within experiential travel
  • The ambition to penetrate the air cargo market, reaching remote locations and eliminating the need for infrastructure
  • On the longer horizon; to compete as a commercial airline and become the premiere clean, seamless and comfortable option in air travel

Become an investor

Pioneer Programme

We are inviting an extraordinary group of people to be part of the first nine expeditions to the North Pole and to become shareholders in our Swedish company OceanSky AB with an upfront, non-refundable investment on the first 50 cabins.

Gisle Dueland, Head of Sales

Private or family office investment

The green economy is fast growing with high potential as we transition. Do you feel aligned with our vision and values and are curious about how to start a relationship with us? Let’s set up a meeting to get to know each other. 

Ravi Dueland, Investor Relations

Institutional investment

We are currently in a process to expand our shareholder base to include investors from different institutional segments and countries. Please reach out with any questions you may have.

Ravi Dueland, Investor Relations