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Our vision

Our vision is decarbonised aviation. We believe airships, the most energy-efficient aerial vehicle, can disrupt aviation.

The climate crisis can be viewed as a clean energy crisis; a lack of renewable energy production (or overconsumption of non-renewable energy). We don’t have enough clean or renewable energy to supply for all our activities on Earth. With our current capabilities, we still require an extreme amount of fossil fuels, as they still fulfill 75% of our energy needs. This means, we either need to increase our production of renewable energy or reduce our energy consumption- though the answer is likely a combination of both to meet international climate goals.

Aviation in its current commercial state is the most challenging of all industries because of the massive energy required by the vehicles in aviation to generate lift except for one vehicle: the airship. The beauty of lighter-than-air technology lies in the minimal energy needed to transport people and goods through the air.

OceanSky is creating a commercial market for the airship industry. Through developing viable business cases, we can see a future with quick growth and a transition to clear aviation options. We begin with the experiential travel sector and will move into logistics and passenger transport. By doing our part, we see a much greener future in front of us. Airships can become a symbol of humanity’s meaningful transition to an ecologically sustainable future.

Our areas of interest

Experiential travel

Connecting travellers to far off lands, revitalising forgotten cultures, highlighting local cuisines and providing once in a lifetime experiences.

Cargo and Special Missions

Servicing remote industry and goods transport missions while reducing the requirements of further environmental damage by cutting out significant infrastructure needs. 

Passenger Transport

Providing a more sustainable, spacious and enjoyable transport experience to replace short- and medium-haul flights for the conscious traveler.


Designing elegant and functional airship interiors and components that meet industry mechanical, safety and engineering requirements.

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