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OceanSky’s commitment to sustainability

Conscious aviation for people and planet

The climate crisis is the challenge of our lifetime and it should be all hands on deck working to slow carbon emissions. It is time for businesses to step up and look at how to drastically reduce their carbon footprint or innovate to become climate positive. OceanSky looks towards the future of decarbonised aviation through the proven technology of lighter-than-air vehicles. But for us, sustainability means so much more, our values not only lie around the planet, but the people that we service as well. Our goal is to improve the communities in the destinations we reach, whether that is contributing to their economies from tourism or industrial efforts by bringing the outside world in without the need of excessive infrastructure.

Our contributions to the pillars of sustainability


While renewable energy infrastructure continues to grow, we still rely on fossil fuels to cover 75% of the planet’s energy needs. This means we either need to look at how we can lower energy requirements to meet renewable capabilities or increase infrastructure for renewables to meet energy needs. Lighter-than-air technology is a prime example of how we can lower our energy needs while still offering long distance air transport.


With limited infrastructure requirements, airships are able to reach remote communities that even current technology cannot. This allows for new, wider cultural exchange, and the spreading of tourism away from over-touristed areas.


Additionally, while reaching more remote destinations, we’re able to open doors for economic development that benefit the local communities through either partaking in the tourism or industrial economy without requiring extensive on-the-ground infrastructure.

Tea pickers working in remote region

CO2 emission per passenger/km

  • Airplane 135g

Based on an economy ticket, business ticket is 300g/pkm [1.7 factor of high-altitude effect]

  • Car 69g

Based on 3 persons in a diesel car, EV is 58g

  • Train 25g

Electric train in EU

  • Airship 10g

Based on a first-generation relatively small inefficient airship

A letter from Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck,
Founder and CEO

In 2002, I started my career in aviation as a commercial pilot. My love of nature drove me into exploring how we can make aviation a non-fossil dependant industry. This is a huge ambition, but it needs to be done- we have no choice. My interests led me to lighter-than-air vehicles and discovering how much advancement has been made in technology within this sector inspired us to start OceanSky. We built a business case in high-end experiential travel that can power the commercial launch and growth of airships within aviation.

While it is up to all of us to make better decisions for our planet, the onus is truly on businesses to provide better options. Airship technology is of no use without a commercial case- so this is where OceanSky Cruises was born. We are spearheading the use of airships for passenger transport through experiential travel. The modern innovations on lighter than air technology allows us the flexibility to land with minimal infrastructure and no ground crew which opens so many doors for providing our clients extremely unique experiences, creating positive impact on remote communities and providing one of the greenest options for travel on the market. By being leaders in our category, we also have the opportunity to influence, but also learn from our collaborators. We want to push our partners to think about sustainability holistically and we want them to push us in our thinking as well. It’s important that we create positive impact as far reaching as we can with the intention to always be better.

Our larger ambition is to keep on growing and entering new sectors: transport and logistics. We want airships to rule the skies.

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Our vision is decarbonised aviation.

The climate crisis is ultimately a clean energy crisis. Airships are a solution through extremely low energy consumption with a clear roadmap to be completely zero-emission. We want to change aviation for the better.

Investing in the future of air transport

OceanSky is a tight-knit group of aviation and sustainability passionates working hard to recreate the the aviation narrative. We have successfully built a strong business case and are always open to bring in investment from those who share our values.